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Diabetic Shoes

Twenty four million people have diabetes, and 25% of them will develop foot problems. We provide the most fashionable diabetic shoes, available in a variety of styles and brands to help your painful diabetic symptoms.

Diabetic shoes are an important part of an overall treatment program for people with diabetes; they provide instant relief and a source of comfort even for those in the earliest stages of the disease. They are designed with specially made protective, moldable inserts that conform to your feet, adjustable width and depth, and soft shoe materials. They reduce the chance of ulcers (foot sores) that could cause infection or gangrene, and even possibly result in amputation.

Q: How do I know if diabetic shoes are right for me?

A: Anyone with diabetic neuropathy, poor circulation, high risk of infection, and nerve damage can benefit.

Medicare patients who qualify are granted a free pair of shoes once a year. A lot of insurance companies also cover the same benefits as Medicare.

Come visit Dr. Aziz Pharmacy/Health Care Solutions and let help you with all your foot care needs!

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